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Our Doctor

Patricia Robinett, DVM

Dr. Robinett is a small animal veterinarian with over 25 years of experience practicing in the greater Snohomish County area. Her focuses include, but are not limited to, general medicine, dermatology, allergy management, senior pet care and acupuncture.

 Dr. Robinett with Bella, Conner, Jessie, Roo, and Jasmine


Growing up in Snohomish county raising horses, cows, pigs, chickens, milk goats, dogs and cats gave Dr. Robinett a solid foundation in animal husbandry. She participated in 4-H for 11 years involving horses, photography, judging, groom squad, leadership and public speaking.

Seven years in Pullman were diligently spent pursuing her undergraduate and veterinary degrees as well as acquiring a husband.

After graduation from Washington State University in 1994, she worked for 5 years at a Lynnwood outpatient veterinary clinic. She then transitioned to Value Vet Animal Clinic in Everett and spent the next 14 years caring for a wide variety of pets and their families.

As time passed, Dr. Robinett realized she had many patients (and many people) that needed and deserved more personalized care than she could provide in a fast-paced clinical setting.


Establishing Critter Calls Mobile Vet allows Dr. Robinett to provide individualized veterinary care in the peaceful, low-stress environment of your own home. She truly enjoys spending extra time discussing any and all topics including, but not limited to:

  • Acupuncture 
  • Skin problems, itching and allergies
  • Pain control, arthritis
  • Fleas
  • Puppy and kitten care
  • Nutrition
  • Senior pet needs
  • Behavior and Misbehavior
  • Hospice
  • End of life care


Dr. Robinett enjoys spending time with her husband and her dogs Sorcha and Angus. She has been involved in Endurance Riding since 1994 and loves to ride her horse in the hills of Snohomish county and to attend various competitions during the year. Her favorite race distance is 50 miles (because she can be done by dinner) but she has also completed several 100 mile competitions including Tevis.

Dr. Robinett and FlowerAngus

Dr. Robinett horseridingDog in flowers