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Pickles Marie
Pickles Marie

When Pickles Marie came to us in August, she was hairless, skinny and sick.
In the seven months she lived on our farm, she learned to herd chickens, chase goats, and fetch zucchini. She wore the shark costume at Hallowe'en, she wore jingle bells at Christmas.
She got floofy, fat, and healthy...and then she got sick again.  Lymphoma this time.
Parva sunt, sed potentia.  "Small but mighty."  We will always love her.
Pickles Marie and her zucchini
Kracker was the sweetest, fluffiest, friendliest, most loving boy ever. He was a favorite of family, friends, and even the vets and techs we saw. Always ready with a purr, and a lick (kiss) to your nose, whether it was snuggling, watching TV with me, or even when having his blood drawn at the vet. He was my shadow, always with me, from watching tv on the couch holding hands/paw, or in his bed beside the computer on my desk, so he could "supervise". Those beautiful blue eyes looked right into my heart and soul, and he was my baby man. He was an extreme love-bug, major kisser, and all around sweet boy. His life's goal was loving and being loved. He certainly achieved that goal!
He was taken MUCH too soon by an aggressive cancer, with no warning signs. By the time we knew, we let him live out the rest of his days in peace and comfort, being loved, spoiled even more than usual, and stress-free. He passed peacefully, and easily, with help from Dr. Robinett, surrounded by a few close friends, and his loving mom, purring, and being told how much he was adored, loved, and how very beautiful he was. He will be missed forever and always. 
To the moon and back, my baby man! We love you always, and will miss you forever!

Owned By A Cat (Ode To Jezabel)

Young kitten
So soft, so sweet
Mewing and kneading
Your soft little paw in my hand
Begging for food
Kneading love
Strong cat
walking, stalking as you do
Invisible tiger in the grass
"You don’t see me"
But I do
Sitting in the sun as if you own it
Sharpening claws on trees as if you own them
Sharpening claws on me.
I am smitten,
Owned by a cat 
Whose “eye kisses” make my day
Just a little more sweet.
The blanket is not mine
My legs are not mine
She sleeps between them
And insists on hogging the bed
Until the bed is not mine.
I am in love with a creature
Who wakes me with hairballs
Running around the house at night
Attacker of toilet paper rolls and socks
A tiny dragon slaying mice
Who pounces on spiders
And pulls birds from the sky
To lay them at my feet
small gifts of death from a queen
Surveyor of her kingdom
And now she lies in my arms
She who was so majestic
And hilarious
And still loved
"Help me" in her eyes
Hardly breathing, frail, and begging for relief
Her soft little paw in my hand
I will release her
Though it will haunt me all my life