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Lets talk about worms!   Why do I care if your critter has worms?

The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out.......Cute puppy in ducky pajamas

Awwwww, isn't this puppy adorable?
But what may be in his tummy isn't as cute. To not disrupt dinner, the worm pictures are available below. 

According to the CDC all pets should be tested for intestinal parasites on a regular schedule because certain parasites ARE CONTAGIOUS TO YOU!!

From the CDC website......"A U.S. study in 1996 showed that 30% of dogs younger than 6 months deposit Toxocara eggs in their feces; other studies have shown that almost all puppies are born already infected with Toxocara canis. Research also suggests that 25% of all cats are infected with Toxocara cati. Infection rates are higher for dogs and cats that are left outside for more time and allowed to eat other animals. In humans, it has been found that almost 14% of the U.S. population has been infected with Toxocara."

Toxocara are puppy and kitten roundworms.

OMG! Doctor what do I do???

Simple. Wash your hands, pick up the poops, get your pets tested.

Roundworms (Toxocara)

Roundworm lifecyclebig belly puppyRoundworm eggs

Important Information about GRAPES and RAISINS!

Grapes and Raisins cause kidney failure in dogs