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On-Line Pharmacy and Store

Prescription and non-prescription medications, foods, and pet supplies may be ordered through the Critter Calls Pharmacy and StoreMost medications are price competitive with on-line pharmacies.

If you are a current client and would like to order a prescription item for your pet, please place it in your shopping cart, and Dr. Robinett will be alerted to approve your prescription. 

New client? Need shampoo or dog food?  No problem.  Simply sign-up through the store link above and you can order non-prescription supplies and food even if Dr. Robinett has never seen your pet.

Items ordered are shipped directly to you, in most cases at no or very low shipping charges. Automatic refill takes the pain out of remembering to re-order for those pets on long-term medications.

Critter Calls Mobile Vet- Everett, WA